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Green Transition Metals

Our portfolio of recycled and low-carbon metals plays a decisive role in climate transition.

Enabling tomorrow’s communities 

Green Transition Metals (GTM) are a portfolio of recycled and low-carbon metals. The portfolio has some of the most sustainable alternatives on the global market, each with the ability to secure a sustainable future for coming generations. Our low-carbon products come from Boliden’s own mines. Our recycled products consist of 100% recycled metal from Boliden’s smelters. 


Leading the industry’s green transition 

Our Green Transition Metals play an essential role in climate transition, and our ambition is to be a trailblazer in sustainable metal production, and we encourage our suppliers to join us on that journey. Together, we're creating a joint basis for the industry’s green transition by sharing know-how on the way we minimize emissions and our carbon footprints. The CO2 emissions for our Low-Carbon Copper and Low-Carbon Zinc are 1.5 and 1.0 kg of carbon dioxide per kg of product respectively, compared with the global average of approximately 4.0 for copper and 3.6 for zinc. 

1-1.5 kg

CO2 emissions per kg of Low-Carbon Zinc and Low-Carbon Copper. 

The future of metal products

In the production of our Green Transition Metals, we challenge ourselves to constantly look for new ways to reduce our climate impact. Watch to learn more.

Low-Carbon Nickel

Low-Carbon Nickel offers a sustainable product with a minimal carbon footprint well below the global average.

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Low-Carbon & Recycled Copper

Copper products with a significantly lower carbon footprint than the global average.

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Low-Carbon & Recycled Zinc

Zinc products from internal value chains and secondary raw materials.

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Low-Carbon & Recycled Lead

Lead products that reduce your carbon footprint while providing a responsibly produced product.

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Low-Carbon Sulphuric Acid

A product that reduces your carbon footprint while providing a sustainable product independent of fossil fuels.

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Johan Andersson
Manager Copper Sales

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Daniel Asplund
Manager Zinc Sales

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Hampus Svanholm
Manager Sales Lead, Precious Metals

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Janne Loven
Manager Sales - Sulphur Products

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Tomorrow’s metal products 

In producing our Green Transition Metals, we constantly challenge ourselves to find new ways new ways to reduce our climate impact. Ultimately, this will involve helping our customers reduce the total emissions for products that contain our metals. Our ambition moving forward is to offer greater volumes and more metals with the same performance as our Low-Carbon and Recycled products.

More about Low-Carbon and Recycled Copper

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More about Low Carbon Zinc and Recycled Zinc

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Our statement on our product CO2 footprint

The mining industry lacks a standardized measurement method for carbon dioxide emissions - we want to change that. We believe transparency is the only way to a sustainable and long-term mining and metals industry. We make the life-cycle assessments of our main metals from cradle to gate, without counting carbon credits and offsets. It improves our possibilities to see in which scope we need to make efforts to reduce our carbon dioxide footprint. In this way, we will achieve our vision of being the world's most climate-friendly and respected metal supplier in the world.

Boliden’s climate targets 

By updating the intensity targets to absolute targets for 2030, we have moved closer still to achieving our aim of being the industry benchmark. 

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Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in Scope 1 and 2 by 2030, with 2021 as the base year.


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