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A world-class metals company

Boliden is a high-tech metal company with its own mines and smelters that work over the long term to guarantee society's supply of base metals and precious metals.

For a century, our work has been part of the value chains that shaped modern society. At Boliden, we know that the metals we mine and provide will continue to play a pivotal role in the future - it's how we make them that matters.

Europe’s producer of sustainable metals

By caring for people, the environment and society, Boliden provides metals that are essential for the development of society. From our own mines and smelters, we extract and produce high-quality metals with good climate performance. We produce copper, zinc, nickel and lead which are all necessary for the climate transition and can be found in a number of innovation-critical areas such as production of electric cars or car batteries.

With extensive experience, a high level of skills and leading technology we work towards reaching our vision to be the most climate friendly and respected metal provider in the world.

A year defined by macro economic developments

Boliden’s CEO, Mikael Staffas, summarizes 2023

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Our metal production

Our value chain begins in exploration and through our mines, concentrators and smelters we create the metals that make climate transition possible. To a large extent, the conditions for our success depend on the surroundings of the operations,  local stakeholders such as indigenous people and neighboring communities, as well as other factors like good energy supply.


We search for new mineral deposits through exploration, mainly in the vicinity of our existing mines and in new areas. In this way, we contribute to secure the future of our business and take long-term responsibility for the supply of metals of the highest quality to society. We focus on mineral deposits containing zinc, copper, lead, nickel, gold, palladium, platinum and silver.

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We extract ore from open pits and underground mines. Thanks to modern technological developments, mining methods and our expertise in mining design, our production is of the highest class from drilling and blasting to loading and crushing. We separate minerals from crushed ore in our concentrators. The end products are various mineral concentrates that are shipped to smelters for further processing. Exhausted parts of the mine are refilled, and sand from the concentrators is collected in tailing dams.

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In our smelters we refine mineral concentrates from our own and other mines into pure metals which are delivered to our customers. Thanks to our technical expertise and flexible processes, we can extract metals from complex raw materials and produce metals of very high quality. We are also the market leader in electronics recycling and lead recovery from car batteries. This operation is governed by stringent environmental conditions in the same way as our mines and it is monitored both by ourselves and supervisory authorities.

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Our products are mainly zinc and lead ingots, copper anodes and cathodes, gold bars and silver granules, but also other products such as sulphuric acid and iron sand. The major part of our metals is transported by rail or sea to industrial customers throughout Europe. Two important end users are the construction and automotive industries.

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Our purpose, our vision and our values

By caring for people, the environment and society, and by using our extensive experience, high-level skills and leading technology, we can provide the metals essential to improve society for generations to come.

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Responsible production

In order to be a leading supplier of metals for the climate transition, we are constantly developing new methods of responsible production.

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Boliden's Governance

We are a public limited company with shares and securities listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm. Our internal policies, guidelines, procedures and codes of conduct together with external regulations make sure the company is run based on the best interests of the shareholders.

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Our history

In December 1924, gold fever breaks out around 30 km north west of Skellefteå. The first ore deposit is discovered in Fågelmyran, laying the foundations for what today is the Boliden Group. Two years later, the first ore is mined and a flourishing community soon grows up in Boliden.

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Boliden Head Office

Boliden Group
Klarabergsviadukten 90
P.O. Box 44, SE-101 20 Stockholm 
Tel: + 46 8 610 15 00
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