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People, health and safety

Guided by courage, care and responsibility, we strive to develop our operation managers, employees in a safe, healthy and innovative work environments.

A sustainable work environment

Our goal is to create an accident-free and healthy operation that is characterized by safety and well-being. We are constantly implementing new technologies and innovations to create sustainable work environments. Our automation processes make it possible for our employees to not be present in areas judged to be of higher risk. Ultimately, this has positive effects on safety, as well as productivity and profitability. Our systematic approach to health, safety and work environment management ensures that the effects last over time.

Mine automation improves safety

Read more about how we improve safety and productivity through mine automation.

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Attracting and retaining expertise

In order to attract and retain expertise, we need to create long-term relationships in our communities, with our employees and with people around the world. We offer degree projects, internships and study visits in order to give students opportunities to learn more about Boliden as an employer. Ensuring long-term access to expertise and the right skills boosts our competitiveness and enables our production to remain at the forefront of the industry.

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Skills development

Our employees are a prerequisite for our success and growth. There is always opportunity for continued learning and development through individual development plans. An extensive technological shift involving increased digitalization and automation at Boliden also requires new expertise in many professional areas. Work environments in which learning is encouraged and new ideas are welcomed, create the right conditions for our operations to develop and improve over time. With skills development and a variety of potential career paths over time, they are also able to continue their development and to perform their job in the best possible way.

A proactive safety culture

We strive to create a proactive safety culture. Employees are encouraged to report risks, suggest improvements, and take part in systematic safety work. Increased focus on proactive efforts, an exchange of experiences, and implementation of new values and improvements have helped to create safer, healthier workplaces. Today, the number of serious incidents and accidents continues to decline by as much as 50% compared to previous years.

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Boliden’s Sustainability Index provides more information about our work to ensure social, economic and environmental sustainability.


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