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Purpose, vision and values

By caring for people, the environment and society, and by using our extensive experience, high-level skills and leading technology, we can provide the metals essential to improve society for generations to come.

Our purpose

To provide the metals essential to improve society for generations to come.

Our vision

To be the most climate friendly and respected metal provider in the world.

Our values


We trust in people and care about the safety and wellbeing of ourselves and others. We care about the environment and climate change. We care about our business, stakeholders and society.


We have the courage to challenge existing ways of working, learn and improve. We have the courage to take initiatives, make decisions and to act. We have the courage to stand up for what is right and speak up if something is wrong.


We are reliable, deliver on our promises and take responsibility for our actions. We take responsibility to act as ambassadors for Boliden. We are responsible to make Boliden better through continuous improvements and innovations.

A company culture based on our values

How do we create an agreeable company culture with conditions for employees to show care, courage and responsibility? Interview with Boliden Rönnskär’s occupational health & safety manager, Mats Holmlund.

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People, health and safety

Guided by courage, care and responsibility, we strive to develop our operation managers, employees in a safe, healthy and innovative work environments.

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Responsible production

In order to be a leading supplier of metals for the climate transition, we are constantly developing new methods of responsible production.

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Community and indigenous people

We strive to be an active stakeholder and play a positive role in the communities where we operate. We do this in several ways, depending on local conditions. In addition, Boliden operates in areas where the rights of indigenous people must be considered.

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