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Facilitating the electronics and energy technologies of the future.

A conduit for tomorrow 

Copper is known for its excellent ability to conduct electricity and heat. This has made it a vital resource in the development of both modern electronics and communities. It is also crucial for increased electrification. Wind power and solar power as well as the development of fossil-free vehicular fleets require large amounts of copper. In a first phase, to produce energy, and second to enable the transfer of energy to where it is to be used.

70 kg

An ordinary car contains about 20 kg of copper, while an electric car contains about 70 kg. 

Boliden's copper production

Boliden's copper is produced at the smelters Rönnskär in Sweden and Harjavalta in Finland. We sell both copper cathodes to metal customers and copper anodes to industrial customers. We produce copper concentrate at several of our mines, including Aitik, which is Europe's largest copper mine. Copper, like many other metals, can be recycled endlessly without compromising its properties or quality. At the smelters Rönnskär and Harjavalta, we recycle and produce new copper with a low carbon footprint. 

Low-Carbon Copper

Explore Boliden’s product portfolio of metals with a low carbon footprint.

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Johan Andersson
Manager Copper Sales

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Thomas Vehse
Area Sales Manager

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Our statement on our product CO2 footprint

The mining industry lacks a standardized measurement method for carbon dioxide emissions - we want to change that. We believe transparency is the only way to a sustainable and long-term mining and metals industry. We make the life-cycle assessments of our main metals from cradle to gate, without counting carbon credits and offsets. It improves our possibilities to see in which scope we need to make efforts to reduce our carbon dioxide footprint. In this way, we will achieve our vision of being the world's most climate-friendly and respected metal supplier in the world.


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