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Low-Carbon Copper & Recycled Copper

Copper products with low carbon footprints from our own mines and recycled materials.

Responsible production 

Copper plays a decisive part in sustainable transition. The electrification of vehicles and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power require large amounts of copper. This also means the copper used must be responsibly produced. Our Low-Carbon Copper and Recycled Copper products help our customers, and in turn their customers, to make a positive difference by reducing their carbon footprint. 

Copper products with a low carbon footprint 

CO2 emissions from Boliden’s Low-Carbon Copper total 1.5 kg per kilogram product. This can be compared to a global average of 4.0 kg. Our Recycled Copper has the same emission levels as Low-Carbon Copper and is produced from secondary raw materials such as electronic scrap.  



1.5 kg

Carbon dioxide emissions per kilogram of product.

ABB partnering with Boliden

to reduce carbon footprint of its industrial products

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A growing portfolio

Boliden's Low-Carbon Copper is produced with copper from our own mines with a high productivity and degree of electrification. Our Recycled Copper offers the market a 100% recycled copper product. Because we challenge ourselves to reduce emissions throughout every step of our value chain to achieve our own ambitious climate targets, we are very proud of our Green Transition Metals portfolio. Our ambition is to develop the portfolio further.

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Our statement on our product CO2 footprint

The mining industry lacks a standardized measurement method for carbon dioxide emissions - we want to change that. We believe transparency is the only way to a sustainable and long-term mining and metals industry. We make the life-cycle assessments of our main metals from cradle to gate, without counting carbon credits and offsets. It improves our possibilities to see in which scope we need to make efforts to reduce our carbon dioxide footprint. In this way, we will achieve our vision of being the world's most climate-friendly and respected metal supplier in the world.


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