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Boliden Rönnskär

A world leader in recycling electronics

Rönnskär in Skelleftehamn is one of the world's most efficient copper smelters. The plant receives deliveries of copper and lead concentrates from our own mines and from external suppliers. Today the smelter is a world leader in electronics recycling thanks to investments and developments in Kaldo technology. We extract primarily copper, gold and silver from these materials. Rönnskär is our biggest production unit and one of the biggest private employers in the region.

Rönnskär in figures

  • Established: 1930
  • Operating profit : SEK 276 m (2023)
  • Average number of employees: 875 (2023)

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Boliden Rönnskär Production 2023

  • Copper cathodes: 96 ktonnes
  • Zinc clinker: 29 ktonnes
  • Lead: 24 ktonnes
  • Sulphuric acid: 566 ktonnes
  • Silver: 382 tonnes
  • Gold: 11 tonnes

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Boliden Rönnskär

Rönnskär, SWE-932 81 Skelleftehamn

Welcome to Rönnskär

Information for local residents

Strategic port location

The location of the smelter at Rönnskär has nothing to do with luck and coincidence. Proximity to both an efficient workforce and transportation were crucial factors when the time came to process the newly-discovered Boliden ore.

The Boliden ore’s composition was complex and contained large quantities of arsenic, among other things. In those days, at the end of the 1920’s there were only two smelters in the world capable of processing this type of ore – one in Germany and one in the USA. Furthermore, they could only cope with small quantities at a time. On top of this, the Boliden mine was in a fairly inaccessible area, with neither its own process plants nor acceptable transport systems.

It was for these reasons that the company back in 1927, had resolved to build its own smelter. The initial idea was to locate the smelter close to the mine, but for many reasons – of which environmental consideration was one – the company stopped to think again. On the coast, near Skelleftehamn, they would have access to a working port, railway, electricity and a workforce. So the smelter was built on the two islands called Hamnskär and Rönnskär. The islands were filled in, joined together, and connected to the mainland. Rönnskär had been created.

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