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A strong by-metal that is mainly used in the electrical and electronics industries.

Silver from Europe

We extract silver from several of our own mines in the Boliden Area, Garpenberg, and Aitik. At these mines, we extract ore that contains large quantities of silver, making it therefore an important by-metal. After extraction, the material undergoes a refining process and is converted into pure silver granules at the smelters in Rönnskär and Harjavalta. In addition to the silver obtained from ore concentrate, we also recycle silver from electronic waste. Approximately a quarter of all silver processed at Rönnskär comes from recycled electronics.

From jewelry to electronics

The precious metal silver is hugely important to society due to its strong, ductile properties and its resistance to temperature variations. Globally, more than half of all silver produced goes to the electrical and electronics industries, while the jewelry industry is also an important end-user. Silver is also the metal that conducts heat and electricity best, which makes it invaluable in various applications. It is used for such things as electrical contacts, high-capacity batteries and electronic circuit boards in mobile phones and computers. It also plays a vital role in solar cells, aircraft, satellites and can be used to plate other materials.




At our smelters in Rönnskär and Harjavalta we produce silver that is at least 99.99 percent pure.


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NOTE: Boliden’s gold sales are strictly limited to companies.

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Our statement on our product CO2 footprint

The mining industry lacks a standardized measurement method for carbon dioxide emissions - we want to change that. We believe transparency is the only way to a sustainable and long-term mining and metals industry. We make the life-cycle assessments of our main metals from cradle to gate, without counting carbon credits and offsets. It improves our possibilities to see in which scope we need to make efforts to reduce our carbon dioxide footprint. In this way, we will achieve our vision of being the world's most climate-friendly and respected metal supplier in the world.

Boliden’s climate targets 

By updating the intensity targets to absolute targets for 2030, we have moved closer still to achieving our aim of being the industry benchmark. 

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Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in Scope 1 and 2 by 2030, with 2021 as the base year.


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