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Our vision defines us

Our work is characterized by care for people, the environment and society.

Responsible production

A modern sustainable society requires metals. This applies in particular to technical developments in fossil-free energy and electrification. In order for us to achieve our vision of being the most climate-friendly and respected metal supplier in the world, we have to secure our own production processes, as well as help our customers to reduce their emissions by providing metals with a low carbon footprint. That will enable us to bring about positive changes throughout the value chain.

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People, health and safety

Our goal is to create an accident-free and healthy operation that is characterized by safety and well-being. We are constantly implementing new technologies and innovations to ensure sustainable work environments.

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Communities and indigenous people

We strive to be an active stakeholder and play a positive role in the communities where we operate. We do this in several ways, depending on local conditions. In addition, Boliden operates in areas where the rights of indigenous people must be considered. 

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Many trends and societal changes affect demands for metals. The climate transition will be the single most important factor in the run-up to 2050, particularly for energy-critical metals. According to the International Energy Agency, six times more metals and minerals are needed to achieve the goal of net zero emissions by 2050. Boliden’s ambition is to provide metals with a low carbon footprint to help achieve this goal.

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Biodiversity and reclamation

Biodiversity is the basic prerequisite for all human life on Earth. Boliden’s goal is to contribute to increased biodiversity in all regions where we operate by no later than 2030. As a result, we are further investing in developing innovative solutions to achieve sustainable land use in harmony with nature.

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Water management

Water is a valuable, shared resource with high social, cultural, environmental and economic value. Access to water is not just a prerequisite for all mining and metal operations; it is also recognized as a human right. Therefore, responsible water management is a top priority for Boliden.

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Dam safety

Responsible metal production requires responsible waste management. A high level of dam safety is one of our priorities, responsibilities and authority are clearly defined in order to ensure this. Residual products and waste are managed with great care to ensure long-term, sustainable disposal. 

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Boliden’s Sustainability Index provides more information about our work to ensure social, economic and environmental sustainability.


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