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Community and indigenous people

We strive to be an active stakeholder and play a positive role in the communities where we operate. We do this in several ways, depending on local conditions. In addition, Boliden operates in areas where the rights of indigenous people must be considered.


A prosperous local community is fundamental to the long-term success of our operations. In many of the locations where we operate, we are an incredibly significant employer. As such, we are committed to societal development and strive to contribute to both economic and social development. This means that we are involved in local organizations and participate in a variety of activities that benefit the region and its inhabitants. Our greatest positive impact is in all likelihood the tax revenues generated, both directly and indirectly.

Maintaining a close, open dialogue with local residents and other stakeholders surrounding our operations is a key area for us, as is collaborating with local civil society and sponsoring various associations and events.

The rights of indigenous people

A significant number of the geographical areas where Boliden operates, from exploration and project development to operational units, are located in areas where the Sami and reindeer husbandry have special rights. Access to land is of crucial importance for both mining and reindeer herding. Boliden has made a commitment in line with ICMM’s principles and works to involve potentially affected indigenous people early on with the goal of promoting respect for the rights, interests, ambitions, culture and natural resource-based livelihoods of indigenous people.


Boliden’s commitment to the rights of indigenous people


Bcause is Boliden’s charity foundation that contributes to global organizations or research projects. The Bcause concept is an important part of our work with corporate responsibility. Among other things we have supported both the development of communities and contributed towards disaster relief. The money that the foundation manages builds from the voluntary monthly contributions from Boliden’s employees, the sum of which Boliden doubles so that the contribution is tripled. The board, consisting of both internal and external representatives, decides annually on which project or projects to support.

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Boliden’s Sustainability Index provides more information about our work to ensure social, economic and environmental sustainability.


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