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Corporate governance

Boliden is a Swedish public limited company listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. Boliden’s corporate governance is based on the Swedish Annual Accounts Act, the Swedish Companies Act, NASDAQ Stockholm’s regulations for issuers, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, and other applicable legislation and regulations.

In addition to the rules and regulations, the Group's Lean-based production philosophy Boliden Production System (BPS) is used, as well as internal control documents such as the Boliden Internal Control System (BICS), and the Boliden Management System (BMS) which is the Group's integrated management system for health and safety, environment, energy and quality. In BMS, the Group also has policies in several areas, including Boliden's Code of Conduct which all employees must know and act in accordance with.

Annual General Meetings

Board of Directors

Group management

Remuneration Committee

Audit committee

Nomination Committee


Articles of Association

Guidelines for Compensation

Corporate Governance Reports

Boliden’s governance structure


Elected by the Annual General Meeting. Audits the accounts, bookkeeping and the management by the Board of Directors and the President.


Approximately 124,000 owners. Exercises governance via the Annual General Meeting and, where relevant, any Extraordinary General Meetings.

Nomination Committee

Comprises 3 to 5 members. Submits proposals on such matters as Members of the Board to the Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Directors

Comprises 8 members elected by the Annual General Meeting and 3 members and 3 deputies appointed by the trade union organizations.

Audit Committee (3 members)

Remuneration Committee (2 members)

President/CEO and Group management

The President runs the operations with the support of the other four members of the Group management.

Internal control function

Reports to the CFO and presents reports on issues relating to internal control at the Audit Committee’s meetings.


Boliden Head Office

Boliden Group
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P.O. Box 44, SE-101 20 Stockholm
Tel: + 46 8 610 15 00
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