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High level recycling

The Lund Cathedral is nearly 900 years old, and right now a maintenance and renovation project has begun with the aim that it will be able to stand for at least another 900 years.

As part of this work, a somewhat more obvious intervention is now underway. The cathedral's two towers will have new roofing sheets. The existing towers were built in 1860-1880. They have been renovated several times over the years since then. The last time the sheet metal on the roof was replaced was between 1908-1911, when work was completed in place directly on the roof.

Now it is time again. The old lead roofs on the two towers are to be replaced. This time they will be lifted down where work will be carried out on the ground, reflecting another view on the safety aspects with other possibilities now compared to 100 years ago. The metal of course in the roofs must be recycled. With Lund being a neighbor city to Landskrona in Skåne in southern Sweden, it makes sense that the old lead plates will be taken care of and recycled at Boliden Bergsöe.

The first lead plates have also now arrived to Bergsöe. They appear almost paper-like or even cardboard and are nearly as soft to bend. Imagine what the lead in these plates could be used in next? Perhaps a battery in an electric car.


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