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Honoring International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples August 9

On the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, we at Boliden reaffirm our commitment to fostering respect for the rights, culture, and aspirations of Indigenous Peoples within the areas where we operate. Our vision extends beyond being a leading metal provider; we strive to be a climate-friendly and responsible contributor to the world.

At Boliden, we understand the profound importance of collaborating with the communities where we work. Many of our operations are situated in regions like Sapmi, where the Sami people have specific rights and a rich cultural heritage. Recognizing the significance of access to land for both mining and traditional activities such as reindeer herding, we are devoted to working in harmony with indigenous communities.

Our Indigenous People commitment encompasses several key pillars:

  • Engaging with potentially impacted Indigenous Peoples to ensure the development of projects respects their rights and aspirations.
  • Understanding and respecting the perspectives of Indigenous Peoples regarding potential project impacts through participatory studies.
  • Facilitating engagement and consultation processes that align with Indigenous decision-making methods and human rights principles.
  • Seeking consent from Indigenous communities for projects likely to have significant adverse impacts on their lands.
  • Collaborating with relevant authorities to achieve outcomes that align with our commitment, without parallel processes.
  • Addressing differences of opinion in good faith and seeking recourse when needed.

We are dedicated to employing the mitigation hierarchy to minimize negative impacts and deliver sustainable benefits for Indigenous Peoples. Our goal is not only to coexist but to establish relationships built on mutual respect, meaningful engagement, trust, and mutual benefit.

We understand that achieving harmony between the mining industry and Indigenous Peoples requires ongoing knowledge development and dialogue. We're also devoted to remediating former mining areas to ensure they can once again serve vital functions, such as traditional reindeer husbandry.

Learn more here and check out our Indigenous People commitment 


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