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Delicacies thriving in recycled water

Fish farming – usually carried out in the sea, lakes or hydroelectric
dams – has now moved ashore. Approximately 7,000 fish of the
species tilapia now happily swim in the old tin hall at Boliden in

The hall, which is heated by surplus heat from lead production, maintains a constant 27 degrees.

Surplus heat from lead production heats the water in the fish farm.

From having been a minor pilot plant with small-scale sales, the fish have taken a giant leap into grocery stores through a contract with Bergendahls Food. Every week, fresh fish are delivered to Citygross. The launch was in Skåne in the spring 2017, and in 2018, the tilapia will debut nationally in Sweden. Meeting the grocery sector’s supplier requirements is a fantastic seal of approval. It’s proof that our industry can produce safe, uncontaminated food in a way that meets retailer requirements.

This form of production is called industrial symbiosis. By utilizing surplus heat, taking advantage of empty premises, excellent eco-skills, shiftwork employees and our own sewage treatment works, we have created a sustainable aquaculture.

The technology is called RAS – recirculating aquaculture systems – which means it reuses the fish farm water by purifying it through various filters. No antibiotics or chemicals are used, which otherwise often occurs in the farms that Sweden imports fish from. Our ability to offer an exotic delicacy, grown locally in an environmentally impeccable way, led Bergendahls Food to seek a collaboration.

Industrial symbiosis can reduce the need for both raw materials and waste management and thus close recycling loops – a fundamental component of the circular economy and a catalyst for green growth and innovative green solutions. It can also reduce emissions and energy consumption, and create new revenue streams.

Looking for a good tilapia recipe? You'll find lots of good recipes at www.ekofisklandskrona.se The most popular recipes are fish and chips and ceviche.

Text and photo:
Linda Hallberg


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