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Boliden - A Career Company 2021

The jury has reaced a verdict and the Career Companies for 2021 are now crowned! The list of Sweden's most attractive employers was released on 15 November and Boliden is one of the companies that has received the award. Boliden was named as a Career Company for the fourth year in a row, and is the industrial company in Sweden that has received the award in the longest unbroken series since the award began to be presented in 2011.

The career companies, is an award for employers that offers unique career and development opportunities both for newly graduated students and for young employees who have already worked for a few years. The purpose of the Career Companies, is to make it easier for Sweden's students and young professionals to find their next employer and also to reward a successful employer branding work.

The corona situation has not meant that employer branding has become less important, according to the Career Companies' analysis:

"The quality of employers' employer branding work has instead increased significantly in the past year as many have linked the business with the employer brand in a clearer and more distinct way. We also see new and innovative ways for how to illustrate and describe their business through different combinations. Highlighting and telling about your attractiveness as an employer in innovative, relevant and interesting ways is today often crucial to the success of your skills supply", says Patrik Wigton, Chairman of the Board at Career Companies.

The jury's motivation for Boliden's award in 2021:

“Boliden is a prime example of an employer who understands the importance of employer branding. There is no doubt that Boliden sees its employees as its most important asset. In their external communication, they create stories where employees are always in focus and it is easy to become interested and inspired by Boliden as an employer. An important target group for Boliden are students and young professionals. With many activities together with colleges and universities, Boliden shows that it is a fantastic workplace for those who are at the beginning of their careers. The career companies hereby appoint Boliden as one of Sweden's Career Companies in 2021.



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