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Information on cookies at boliden.com

Cookies are text files with information which are saved on tour device, e.g. your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies help us improve your experience when visiting our website. Among other things cookies let you navigate efficiently between different pages, they let us analyze how well our website performs and provide us with statistics e.g. how many visitors we have had on the website and which pages they have visited.

What type of cookies does Boliden use?

Permanent cookies, which are cookies that are saved for longer periods on your device and which e.g. describe which information that is new since you last visited the website. How long the cookie will be saved on your device will depend on the lifespan of the cookie and your web browser’s settings.

Session cookies, which are cookies that are saved temporarily on your device when visiting a website. They are deleted when you close your web browser.

Third party cookies, which are cookies that come from a party other than the party responsible for the website. Boliden uses the web analysis tool Google Analytics to collect information on the use of the website, e.g. to see how long you have been on each side so that we can get statistics over how visitors use our website. When you visit a site that uses Google Analytics, your browser automatically sends some information to Google (the information includes the URL of the page you visit, your masked IP address, and Google can also store cookies in your browser or read existing cookies). Google may retain and use information gathered using Google Analytics. Boliden, however, is committed to not pass information to Google that Google could use or recognize as personally identifiable information. Google may transfer collected information to third parties if they process the information on behalf of Google or if required by law.

Manage your cookies

You can set your web browser not to accept cookies, however, this may limit the ability to read all of the pages and features on our website. You can choose to delete all cookies that are stored on your device. The way you manage cookies differs between different web browsers, but normally you can change settings in the tools or alternatives menu.

Not accepting cookies may limit the functionality of our website.



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