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New concrete product a possible game changer

Boliden has made a significant technical breakthrough where slag from existing metal production in smelters can be converted into supplementary cementitious material. Boliden now states that a project with the Swedish concrete company Thomas Concrete Group confirms product as well as production performance.

“At Boliden, we want to drive industry transformation and our new product is a perfect example of how innovation, adaptation and 100 years of engineering can contribute to a brighter future for coming generations. Cement accounts for a large part of global carbon dioxide emissions, which of course makes the industry keen to find new, alternative products without compromising on quality. The project with a leading company like Thomas Concrete Group was therefore a natural step in the process, and a good example of a collaboration born from the same level of ambition,” says Åke Roos, Program Manager at Boliden. 

Compared to traditional cement production, the new groundbreaking technology means that the climate impact from cement production can be reduced by around 95 percent (per part regular cement exchanged). The technology also means that additional metal can be extracted. An initial project with Thomas Concrete Group has confirmed product and production performance. As of today, the product has improved further, with a duplicated level of reactivity, which results in a higher exchange degree and an even lower emission rate.

Patent applications

Patent applications have been submitted and a preliminary study regarding the commercialization of this product has been initiated. In addition, a preliminary study, which is expected to be completed during the first quarter of 2025, of a production facility with a capacity of 250,000 tonnes per year is now initiated.


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