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Future of metal and mining: Boliden launches Low-Carbon Nickel

Boliden increases the Green Transition Metals portfolio launching Low-Carbon Nickel. The new product further boosts Boliden's collection of low-carbon offerings, joining current portfolio members Low-Carbon Zinc, Recycled Zinc, Low-Carbon Copper, Recycled Copper, Low-Carbon Lead, Recycled Lead & Low-Carbon Sulphuric Acid.

Fredric Bratt, Manager Nickel, Boliden, states the impact of this addition:

"From the electric trolley line at Kevitsa to the state-of-the-art nickel smelter in Harjavalta, due to recent innovations, we are saving over 18,000,000 kg of CO2 emissions yearly when producing nickel matte. As a result, custom refineries can produce Low-Carbon Nickel used to produce batteries for electric cars and low-carbon power generation, such as turbines for hydropower or gearings for windmills, amongst many nickel applications important for society. Accompanied with a significantly lower footprint than the global average.”

The launch of Low-Carbon Nickel is a step further towards reaching Boliden's aim to create a sustainable future for generations to come, displayed by the product’s abilities: a minimal carbon footprint, measuring less than 5 kg of CO2eq per kg nickel equivalent – well below the global average of over 34 kg of CO2eq in 2024.

“This truly exemplifies our strong commitment to sustainability as it’s more than just a product launch; it signifies progress toward a brighter future. We aim to lead the industry in sustainable metal and mining, determined to meet our science-based targets and minimize emissions. And for that, we need continuous process development” Fredric Bratt concludes.

When calculating carbon emissions, Boliden conducts a Life-Cycle Assessment, with a cradle-to-gate approach that excludes any form of credits and offsets.

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