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HR as a Driver of Equality 

As an example of the ongoing work to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the mining and metals industry, our new "Female Professionals" program was launched this fall. The initiative, which started in October, is part of the company's strategy to attract, develop, and retain women in an industry that has traditionally been, and still is, male-dominated. 

The program aims to bring together women from diverse backgrounds to encourage collaboration and networking. It is in this spirit that Anna Yngström, Manager for Talent, Performance and Development at Boliden Group Human Resources, was inspired to develop the program. 

Through 'Female Professionals', Boliden has plans beyond strengthening its own DEI efforts with a focus on gender equality. “Our participants will contribute valuable insights on how best to attract and retain women in our industry and create an even more inclusive Boliden. These insights are crucial for understanding how the company can best attract and retain female talent, and consequently promote a more inclusive work culture,” says Anna. 

Today, it is well-known that organizations whose cultures include DEI values have healthier, happier, and more motivated employees with lower staff turnover, which makes DEI a success factor from both a business and employee perspective and something we must invest in, believes Anna. 

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace are a constant challenge for our industry but also society at large. Together with other members of ICMM (International Council on Mining and Metals), we strive, among many other things, to make progress in DEI in our workplaces. As a female leader within HR, where I strive to create changes in these areas as well as career development at Boliden, I am sometimes asked: 'What is it like to work in an industry that has historically been dominated by men?' My answer is that I find it interesting, challenging, rewarding, and incredibly fascinating. The mining and metals industry is a mix of innovation, hard work, cutting-edge technology, green transition, determination, and above all, committed people. In the massive transformation that our industry is undergoing, HR is a crucial agent of change that constantly examines how the business can be improved - not just now but for future generations,” she says and concludes. 

“It is only through awareness, knowledge, and our actions that we can truly create change. Every time HR, together with our leaders, succeeds in hiring, developing, and retaining more women and other underrepresented groups in our industry, we break old norms and stereotypes and pave the way for a more inclusive future. To all women out there who are considering a career in a less equal area, my advice is: Do not be intimidated by the status quo. Dive in, influence, and reshape the future. Your journey will inspire many others.” 

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