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The Boliden Area

Mineral rich mines on historical land

For nearly 100 years, our mining company has flourished. The first gold discovery, which laid the foundation for a community and our business employing several generations of employees, was in the Boliden area in the mineral rich Skellefteå field in Västerbotten in northern Sweden. Since starting production in the 1920s, we've mined ore in almost 30 mines.

Today the area is home to the Renström, Kristineberg and Kankberg underground mines. With the exception of Kankberg, complex sulphide ores, which contain zinc, copper, lead, gold and silver, are produced by all the mines. The area also has a concentrator and a leaching plant for gold and tellurium production. The tellurium that is mined in Kankberg is used, among other things, for solar cell production.

The concentrates are then delivered to our own smelters, lead smelters in Europe and tellurium customers in Asia. 

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The Boliden Area in figures

  • Established: 1925
  • Operating profit : 872 SEK m (2020)
  • Number of employees: 650
  • Type of mine: underground mines
  • Mine depth: 1,500 metres (the Renström mine)
  • Mine depth: 1,350 metres (the Kristineberg mine)
  • Mine depth: 620 metres (the Kankberg mine)

Did you know that...

Renström in the Boliden area is Sweden's deepest mine; in January 2019 it reached a depth of 1,500 metres, equivalent to over four Eiffel Towers on top of one another.

The mine opened in 1952, and complex ores containing zinc, copper, lead, gold and silver are mined there. 

The Boliden Area 2020

In 2020, around 1,898 ktonnes of ore were processed to form metal concentrates containing zinc, copper, lead, gold, silver and tellurium.

Complete production figures can be found in the Annual Report




The digital mine

Our mines are among the safest in the world. Because automation allows us to make workplaces that are already safe even safer for our employees, our mines are becoming increasingly digitized.

At Boliden, we are currently conducting a unique initiative to develop automation in mines. It is taking place in a cross-functional programme with employees from the entire group together with partners such as Volvo, Ericsson, Atlas Copco, Sandvik and ABB.

The goal is to keep production running non-stop round-the-clock, but the greatest gain is improved safety. And through our sustainability work, Boliden will continue to contribute with the metals that are needed in today's modern society and for climate transition.


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