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Boliden Rönnskär

A world leader in recycling electronics

Rönnskär in Skelleftehamn is one of the world's most efficient copper smelters. The plant receives deliveries of copper and lead concentrates from our own mines and from external suppliers. Today the smelter is a world leader in electronics recycling thanks to investments and developments in Kaldo technology. We extract primarily copper, gold and silver from these materials. Rönnskär is our biggest production unit and the biggest private employer in the region.

Rönnskär in figures

  • Established: 1930
  • Operating profit : 900 MSEK (2017)
  • Average number of employees: 860

Did you know that....

65 per cent of all copper produced is used to generate and conduct electricity. The supply of copper is therefore crucial for the transition to alternative energy sources like wind, solar and hydro power, where the copper is needed in the first stage to generate electricity and in the second stage to carry the energy over long distances with low losses.

Studies show that when copper is used for the purposes of energy efficiency improvements, it can deliver CO2 reductions that counteract the emissions involved in producing the copper by a factor of 250. 

Boliden Rönnskär production, 2017

  • Copper: 219 ktonnes
  • Zinc clinker: 34 ktonnes
  • Lead: 28 ktonnes
  • Sulphuric acid: 505 ktonnes
  • Silver: 484 906 kg
  • Gold: 13 109 kg

Investment in leaching plant


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