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The challenge that drives us forward

Boliden’s long-term climate target is to produce metals with a low carbon footprint. Supporting the Paris Agreement, Boliden has targeted to reduce its CO2 intensity with 40% until 2030. Substantial investments are made to reach the target, striving to increase energy efficiency and to decrease the usage of fossil fuels. Boliden wants to set an example for the mining and metals industry to produce minerals with a low impact on nature and climate.

We take responsibility

Creating safe workplaces for all of our employees is our highest priority. We work with preventive measures to minimize risk and we have a strong, deeply-rooted safety culture at every level. Our Be Safe concept helps us create clarity and provide consistent information to promote safety thinking among all of our employees. Read more

Our environmental management work is based on our values and our vision of zero environmental accidents. To achieve this, we invest considerable resources in efficient systems, advanced technology and stable processes throughout our operation. We work preventively with meticulous risk assessments and clear action plans. Read more

Access to minerals is the basis of our operation. Constant exploration work, the streamlining and development of production, stable processes and investments in product development allow us to create financial security and safeguard our long-term growth in a cyclic, capital-intensive industry. Read more

How we work

The work is distinguished by its care for people, the environment and society. We maintain a close dialogue with those affected by our operations, we take great responsibility for the recycling of used metals and constantly develop our processes to create safe, efficient and modern workplaces for all of our employees.

Landfilled sulphur residue set to be Kokkola’s next resource

Mine automation improves safety

Safety culture and business stability go hand in hand

One of the largest recycler of electronic material

Scrap lead batteries recycled to new raw material

High tech dam safety

Gillervattnet reclamation project

Reducing waste and enhancing profitability

Dead wood brings forest to life

Fjord clean up at the Odda smelter

Safety for employees and the environment

Safety is our highest priority, both when it comes to the workplace environment and the impact our operation has on the external environment. Every employee at our workplaces should be able to go home from work with his or her health unaffected. Everyone is provided with good information about safety measures, behaviour and how to handle equipment.

Because we seek to be a leader in environmental performance, we measure our overall environmental impact in everything from exploration to the delivery of products. We also make frequent investments in the best available technology for treating water and emissions, managing waste, reducing spills and conserving energy. 

Boliden – part of the community

For more than 90 years, Boliden has grown together with the communities we work in. Our history and development often walk hand-in-hand with society's. Just as we and our employees are important for the development of society, society is important for us.

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