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Boliden Kokkola - responsible zinc producer

Responsibility is the core value by which the Boliden Kokkola zinc plant has been operating for decades. The plant’s responsible method of operation has created the viable operating conditions enabling the company to pursue continuous development. Responsibility is part of business operations and the daily work of each employee.

Zinc production is, in itself, a responsible form of business. Zinc is needed to protect steel from rust corrosion and therefore helps conserve natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint, now and in the future.

Responsibility for people

The strength of the Kokkola zinc plant lies in its capable and motivated personnel, whose well-being is of foremost importance to us. In developing workplace well-being, we focus on issues related to daily duties, such as safety at work, better working methods, and support of work capacity.

Our personnel have access to comprehensive occupational healthcare, effective reward schemes and a significant number of employee benefits. We encourage our personnel to actively develop both their own professional skills and the company as a whole. We all have equal opportunities to participate in development.

Locally, we are known for offering long careers and a sense of community that spans decades. We want to be the first choice for new young talents, business partners and other important stakeholders.

Responsibility for the environment

Boliden is committed to the principle of sustainable development, by which we aim at a continual reduction in the environmental impact of our operations.

For the personnel at the Kokkola plant, effective care of environmental issues is the premise for each new working day. We focus on the stability of production processes and the development of our own operations so that we are world class in terms of low emissions and energy efficiency.

For decades, we have made systematic efforts to minimise our environmental impact. The minimum level of efforts is based on obligations imposed by law. In addition to these, Boliden sets its own yearly goals that considerably exceed our legal obligations on environmental performance. We continuously monitor environmental conditions and how well we meet our goals in terms of air quality and sea and groundwater quality, among other areas.

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Circular economy

  • We strive for the highest possible material efficiency in our production processes. For example, we deliver cement copper and refined silver for further processing at the Boliden copper smelters in Harjavalta and Rönnskär. Similarly, Boliden Kokkola utilises recycled raw materials from other smelters of the Group in its production process. We continuously seek ways to increase our use of recycled raw materials.


    Read more: Boliden Smelters circular economy (pdf)


    Heat energy generated in the production processes for zinc and sulphuric acid is utilised as steam and for district heating. Steam and district heating are sold to the neighbouring power plant, where they are used for electricity and process and district heating generation.


    Read more: Kokkola Industrial Park - Industrial Ecosystem (pdf)

Responsibility for development

The main goals of our process technology development efforts include improving working conditions, efficiency and profitability, and minimising environmental impact. Efficient production and respect for the environment go hand in hand, as by employing the latest technological solutions, we are able to operate and conserve nature at the same time.

At Boliden, stable and predictable production forms the foundation of our operations. As technology and operations are continuously evolving, we will increasingly turn our focus to automation and robotics. With profitable investments, we ensure that the plant stays operational and is able to develop.

The core of our operations is to meet the expectations of our customers and markets. At the same time, this forms the foundation for the continuity for our operations and jobs for the coming decades.

Economic impact

The zinc plant is highly important to the local economy and the city of Kokkola.

We are the largest industrial employer in Kokkola. We employ 560 full-time employees as well as some 140 summer employees every year.

In addition to our own personnel, we indirectly employ up to thousands of people. The zinc plant requires services and materials, the majority of which we source from local businesses. Out state-of-the-art operations require major investments and purchases worth tens of millions of euros every year.

In terms of paid taxes, we are a highly important economic operator. We pay all our taxes to Finland and are among the biggest taxpayers in Kokkola each year.



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