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Introducing zinc with low climate impact

As the first company in the world, Boliden now offer two separate zinc
products, produced with lower carbon footprint than the global average. One
product, Low-Carbon Zinc, is produced from concentrate from Boliden’s own
zinc mines. The other product, Recycled Zinc, is produced from
secondary raw material.

Low-carbon Zinc


Boliden’s Low-carbon SHG Zinc is mined at Boliden’s own mines in Sweden, and Ireland, using a clean energy. This gives the product one of the lowest carbon footprint of any refined zinc in the world.

By using Boliden Low-carbon SHG Zinc, the carbon footprint of your zinc will be reduced significantly compared to other available alternatives

Recycled Zinc


At Boliden we are at the heart of the circular economy by recycling various metals from secondary materials from various industries. By efficiently recovering all the metals that have been circulated in society the need for new mines can be held at a minimum, and that is why we are happy to present Boliden Recycled zinc – a zinc metal from 100% recycled raw materials.

Low-carbon SHG Zinc

Thanks to the unique properties of zinc, it can be used in a wide range of areas such as infrastructure, consumer goods, batteries, and industrial products – all of which play an important role in the transition to renewable energy, energy efficiency and circular economy.

Zinc mining and smelting activities are known to generate significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. However, as a leading sustainability metals and mining company, Boliden is well positioned to supply a SHG zinc with a low-carbon footprint by favourable integration of own mines and smelters, located in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Ireland. This is one of our initiatives to contribute to our vision – to be the most climate friendly and respected metal provider in the world.

Boliden Low-carbon and Recycled Zinc offering (PDF)
Carbon footprint of Boliden Main Metals (PDF)


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