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Boliden Garpenberg

The world's most productive underground zinc mine

Garpenberg in Hedemora municipality is one of the world's most modern mines. It is also Sweden’s oldest mining area still in operation.  Complex ores containing zinc, lead, silver, copper and gold are mined here. Thanks to very successful exploration efforts, the major deposit in Lappberget was discovered at the end of the 1990s, which saved the mine from closure. Instead, it meant Boliden's second biggest investment project ever could be carried out in Garpenberg in 2014. That was when a new production plant was opened that increased annual production from 1.5 million tonnes to 2.5 million tonnes, thus reducing unit costs and boosting Boliden's competitiveness in the global market. It also saw the development of and investment in industry-leading and largely automated technology that made Garpenberg more operationally reliable, eco-friendly and cost-effective. The expansion also secures jobs for a long time ahead, which benefits suppliers, contractors and the local community. 

Garpenberg In figures

  • Its been a mining area since: Around 400 BC
  • Acquired: 1957
  • Operating profit: 3,110 SEK m (2021)
  • Average number of employees: 430
  • Type of mine: underground
  • Mine depth: 1,250 metres

Did you know that...

the Garpenberg mine is equipped with 46 rescue chambers with enough air to keep 239 people alive for 8 hours. There are also an ambulance, trailers with rescue equipment’s and two firefighting vehicles with a capacity of 200 litres firefighting foam underground.


In 2021, around 3,056 ktonnes of ore were processed to form metal concentrates containing zinc, copper, lead, gold and silver.

Complete production figures can be found in the Annual Report

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Information till närboende

The digital mine

Our mines are among the safest in the world. Because automation allows us to make workplaces that are already safe even safer for our employees, our mines are becoming increasingly digitized. 

At Boliden, we are currently conducting a unique initiative to develop automation in mines. It is taking place in a cross-functional programme with employees from the entire group together with partners such as Volvo, Ericsson, Atlas Copco, Sandvik and ABB.

The goal is to keep production running non-stop round-the-clock, but the greatest gain is improved safety.

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