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Boliden’s sustainability parks

Our sustainability parks form an important part of Boliden’s work demonstrating its care for people, the environment and society. Among the things visitors to any of our parks can do include learning how we work with the reclamation of disused mines and provide ecological compensation to create and protect biodiversity. 

Boliden’s sustainability parks are areas within our land holdings consisting of forest land, decommissioned operations, or land adjacent to active operations. We are creating our sustainability parks to give back to society and nature what we have borrowed. They tell the site’s story and our participation in it yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Our vision is to be the most climate-friendly and respected metal provider in the world. The parks allow us to continue developing and presenting the work we do for the ecology and the community. By taking active nature conservancy measures we can accelerate the re-establishment of conditions for natural forests, and their natural dynamic and development. A sustainability park includes wide-ranging sustainability aspects and tells a site’s story and our participation in it. It highlights e.g., the ecological and social impact Boliden has historically had, and the ecological and social values present in the area today and how they can be strengthened. 

A state of mutual interdependence 

Because our operations require us to use land and this affects other stakeholders in these areas, it is important that we restore the land in ways that contribute to greater biodiversity while taking local interests into account. Biodiversity is essential if we are to live good lives here on Earth; it can be described as a vast matrix in which various species, having evolved over millions of years, have been woven together to enjoy a state of mutual interdependence. It is an ingenious, circular interaction that is also very vulnerable as the loss of one species affects so many others. Rich biodiversity also makes the natural environment more resistant to climate change. Boliden mines metals that are essential for climate transition. At the same time, metal production can impact biodiversity in the places where we operate. We work constantly to restore the land in ways that contribute to greater biodiversity while considering local interests. Boliden has taken part in the development of the Swedish mining and mineral industry’s common roadmap for increased biodiversity. The target is to contribute to increased biodiversity in all the regions where mining, mineral operations and exploration take place by no later than 2030. 

Experience the unique nature 

In addition to measures aimed at increasing biodiversity, we also provide services in all our sustainability parks and opportunities for outings to learn about their unique nature. All of Boliden’s sustainability parks are unique as they are based on the site’s conditions. All the parks have sheltered rendezvous points, services, and information in different languages. Outdoor activities are a reliable source of well-being, and contact with nature has many positive effects on health and recovery. All our sustainability parks provide opportunities to enjoy nature such as hiking, skiing and snowmobile trails. And there are also easily accessible trails for people with physical handicaps. There are opportunities for playful activities for grown-ups as well as children, naturally. These can include everything from balance logs in the woods to obstacle courses and audio games. This allows the public and families to explore our sustainability parks, learn something new about Boliden’s operations or the site’s history while experiencing nature in an innovative, playful manner. 

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