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Sarkanenä Sustainability Park 

We began our ecological compensation work in Sarkanenä back in 2013. The expansion of the tailings dam at the Aitik mine impacted several important natural values, and the Sarkanenä sustainability park is part of Boliden’s work with compensating for these lost natural values.  

Sarkanenä is a large, forested area in rolling terrain covering around 330 hectares of forest and 140 hectares of wetlands. The forest, which is coniferous with some deciduous elements, varies in age. Pine trees nearly 500 years old with trunk diameters approaching 70 cm are a spectacular feature of the area. People can experience beautiful natural surroundings and learn more about Boliden’s work with ecological compensation and biodiversity. In addition to experiencing beautiful natural surroundings, there is much to learn about ecological compensation, natural forests, species worthy of protection, dead wood, and biodiversity. There are many exciting things for adults and children alike to discover and learn along the experience trail. The 1.3 kilometer-trail runs through genuine natural forests that offer a number of experiences for grown-ups and children. The area also has services and a sheltered barbecue area. 

While the sustainability park in Sarkanenä comprises old forest, it lacks certain natural forest characteristics. Re-creating natural forest structures has been the primary goal of Boliden’s ecological compensation work. The forests still bear traces of earlier dimensional and selective felling; they are sparse, and there is little dead wood, so a major part of our compensation work has involved providing a variety of high-quality dead wood to create habitats for many wood-dependent species. Liberation cutting of large coniferous and deciduous trees creates free space for trees to crown, while placing out hollow trees and nesting boxes benefits birdlife. The ecological compensation in Sarkanenä was made possible through a collaboration between SLU, Boliden, and landowner, Sveaskog. Strengthening natural values has taken place in the area thanks to ecological compensation and will increase over time. This not only makes Sarkanenä an exciting destination for visits today, but also far into the future.  

It is also important to emphasize that active reindeer herding is still carried out in the area.


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