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Water management

Responsible, sustainable and efficient water management has both economic and environmental benefits and so is a strategically important issue for us.

One of the world’s most important resources

Water is a valuable, shared resource with high social, cultural, environmental and economic value. Access to water has been recognized as a human right. It is also an important resource for all mining and metal operations. In large parts of the world, water is in short supply. However, in the areas where Boliden has operations the general access to water is good. By managing, treating, and recycling water responsibly, we can reduce the risks to surrounding water areas. It is also a business-critical issue for us that water, like our other assets, is utilized in the best possible way.

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Boliden's goals

Our goal is that all our operations shall have a water management plan in place that considers:

  • Risk management strategies for water management
  • Continuous improvement of environmental performance
  • Proactive engagement of key stakeholders in challenges and opportunities in an open and transparent manner

Water treatment and reuse

Circulating and recycling water efficiently in our processes is beneficial for the environment. It reduces the need for water intake and discharge. We use several methods of water treatment. In some cases, through dedicated treatment plants and in other cases via a tailings pond in which metals in the water are combined to particles and sink to the bottom. We are also continuously developing new methods for water treatment and water recycling.

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90 %
of the water is recycled at Boliden Aitik
70 %
of the water is recycled at Boliden Garpenberg

Boliden’s Sustainability Index provides more information about our work to ensure social, economic and environmental sustainability.


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