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Boliden produces nickel matte, an important material to meet the rapidly growing need for nickel.

The versatile metal 

The demand for nickel is expected to increase strongly due to its key role as an input for products used in the energy transition. Nickel has outstanding physical and chemical properties. It is resistant to both corrosion and oxidation and can withstand high temperatures. It also has excellent properties for storing energy. Its biggest use is alloying with other metals to produce stainless steel, nickel-based superalloys and other alloys. It is also increasingly used as a cathode material in rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles. Nickel also increases the energy density of EV batteries and contributes to a longer driving range. Nickel can be recycled an unlimited number of times with recycling rates exceeding 85%.

Boliden's nickel production

We produce nickel matte at the Boliden Harjavalta smelter in Finland from nickel concentrate from our own Kevitsa mine in northern Finland and external mines. Harjavalta is also the only large-scale nickel smelter in Europe. Our nickel matte is further sold to refineries globally to be used in a variety of special applications such as high-nickel alloys for the aerospace industry. Superalloys have found extensive use in many high-temperature applications, such as automotive exhaust valves, furnace structural parts, heat treatment equipment, rocket engines, and, most significantly, in the hot zones of gas and jet turbines for electricity generation or to power aircraft. And in the chemical processing sector, they are valued for their corrosion resistance.



Low-Carbon Nickel

Low-Carbon Nickel offers a sustainable product with a minimal carbon footprint well below the global average.

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Fredric Bratt
Manager Nickel

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Sebastian Wareing
Purchasing Manager Nickel

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Our statement on our product CO2 footprint

The mining industry lacks a standardized measurement method for carbon dioxide emissions - we want to change that. We believe transparency is the only way to a sustainable and long-term mining and metals industry. We make the life-cycle assessments of our main metals from cradle to gate, without counting carbon credits and offsets. It improves our possibilities to see in which scope we need to make efforts to reduce our carbon dioxide footprint. In this way, we will achieve our vision of being the world's most climate-friendly and respected metal supplier in the world.

Boliden’s climate targets 

By updating the intensity targets to absolute targets for 2030, we have moved closer still to achieving our aim of being the industry benchmark. 

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Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in Scope 1 and 2 by 2030, with 2021 as the base year.


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