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Boliden in Skellefteå

Metals for future generations

BOLIDEN at Sara kulturhus 24-27 April

Welcome to talks, learnings, and shared experiences

For four days, you will find Boliden, in the southern foyer of Sara kulturhus, where we invite you to learn about our company and development, have a cup of coffee and talk with employees from Boliden.

Boliden's purpose is to provide the metals essential to improve society for generations to come. For almost a century now, we have been doing this, together with the people of Skellefteå and Västerbotten. Our community history and Boliden's development go hand in hand. The link between our raw materials, our clean energy, and our people's know-how is what builds our region's story of success. 

We are proud of our mines and our smelters, the opportunities we provide, and the developments we enable. We take further responsibility, together with Skellefteå and with the world, for our future. Boliden's vision is to be the moste climate friendly and respected metal provider in the world. Electrification of society and industry demands for more metals, and metal production is linked to intense carbon dioxide emissions. We are decreasing our own emissions, and able to deliver sustainably produced metals that support other industries and sectors in our journey towards a fossil-free society. A change that we make possble together, right now, here in northern Sweden. 

We are proud of our employees, our suppliers, and the operations that we manage and develop together, here in our region. We would like to highlight our community shared developments, together with you, in talks, conversations, and meetings, at Sara kulturhus, on 24-27 April, in connection with our Annual General Meeting. 

We hope that you will stop by, share the pride and knowledge of Boliden, take part in the conversations around our company's development and the development of our society, and how we, together, will continue to care for our community for generations to come. 

Sunday 24 April

Monday 25 April

Tuesday 26 April

Wednesday 27 April

Visit Rönnskär

Visit us and learn how we produce copper

The copper smelter Boliden Rönnskär in Skelleftehamn is Boliden's largest smelter unit. Here, we extract metals from mine concentrate, and various kinds of recycled materials. Our main products are copper, gold, and silver. 

We are proud to be a part of Boliden's vision to be the most climate friendly and respected metal provider in the world. Boliden Rönnskär contributes to Boliden's investment in copper production with low carbon impact. We do this by extracting copper from raw materials from Boliden's own mines, and from recycled electronics. 

We would like to show you how we produce copper. The visit including transport takes about 2 hours. We will guide you on a bus tour, and a walk through our production, which will include stairs and floor gratings. 

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