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Processed ore becomes concentrates

A large part of the ore mined is complex ore comprising several different metals. The ore is crushed to form several mineral concentrates which can then be processed into pure metals in our smelters.  


We produce copper, lead, nickel and zinc concentrates. The biggest source of raw materials for our smelters is metal concentrates.

We also use certain intermediate forms and secondary materials. We purchase some of the raw materials from mines with which we have agreements.

Facts about concentrates

Zinc concentrates
Metal content: 45 - 55 per cent zinc
Copper concentrates
Metal content:around 30 per cent
Lead concentrates
Metal content: around 70 per cent 
Nickel concentrates
Metal content: around 10 per cent
Precious metals
The above concentrates contain platinum and palladium in different quantities.

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Did you know that...

the energy-saving flash smelting method for copper concentrates that was developed in Boliden Harjavalta back in 1949 is today the world's most used method for smelting copper concentrates.


Karl-Owe Svensson

Karl-Owe Svensson

Commercial Director, Boliden Mines


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