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Annual General Meeting 2014

The Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, May 6, at Folkets Hus in Boliden.

Dividend and record day

 The Meeting approved a dividend of SEK 1.75 per share and Friday, 9th May 2014 as the record day for the dividend payment. Payment of the dividend is expected to occur on Wednesday, 14th May 2013 through the agency of Euroclear Sweden AB.

Board of Directors

The Meeting approved the re-election of the following members of the Board: Marie Berglund, Staffan Bohman, Lennart Evrell, Ulla Litzén, Tom Erixon, Michael G:son Löw and Leif Rönnbäck. The Meeting also approved the re-election of Anders Ullberg as the Chairman of the Board.


The Meeting resolved that Directors’ fees shall be payable in the amounts of SEK 1,200,000 to the Chairman of the Board and SEK 460,000 to each Board Member who is not an employee of the company. The Meeting further resolved the payment of SEK 150,000 to the Chairman of the Audit Committee and SEK 75,000 and to each of the members of the Audit Committee, and a fee of SEK 50,000 to each of the members of the Remuneration Committee.

Nomination Committee

The following persons were elected by the Meeting to form the Nomination Committee: Hans Ek (SEB Investment Management), Frank Larsson (Handelsbankens Fonder), Lars-Erik Forsgårdh, Anders Oscarsson (AMF) and Anders Ullberg (Chairman of the Board).


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