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The mining industry is an industry that tends to have its ups and downs. High peaks are quickly followed by deep troughs, and the setbacks suffered by Boliden in the 1990s are proof of that.


Trelleborg AB decides to divest Boliden’s mines, smelting plants, manufacturing facilities and services. The new company – Boliden Limited – establishes its head office in Toronto the following year.

It was hoped that the move to Toronto would make Boliden an international mining operator. Instead, it turned out to be a move that led to in the greatest crisis in the company’s history.


Following the move to Canada, Boliden Limited acquires the Westmin mining company, and with it, the complex ore mine Myra Falls in Canada and a copper project in Chile.


Two years after the move to Toronto, a group-wide restructuring begins, which means, among other things, that the company is again listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.


Boliden Head Office

Boliden Group
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