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Milestone as Battery Electric Truck is Put into Operation Underground

On Monday, January 15, a Volvo FH Electric was delivered to our mine in Kankberg. This is a globally unique collaboration as we are now, as one of the first mining companies in the world, using a mass-produced battery-powered truck for underground transportation.

Since the beginning of 2023, Volvo Trucks and Boliden have collaborated on the electrification of truck transportation in a mining environment. This entails the use of two heavy, battery-electric Volvo trucks in the Kankberg Mine outside Skellefteå. The first step, now become a reality, will entail, according to our calculations and assuming all remaining trucks are also replaced with battery-electric models, that the Kankberg mine could reduce its CO2 emissions by more than 30 percent.

The collaboration between Volvo and Boliden will provide both parties with crucial information about how the battery-electric vehicles perform in an underground mining environment, particularly in terms of batteries and drivelines, to further develop the products. Based on these experiences, an additional Volvo FH Electric will be put into operation and used for transporting rock and ore underground.

“Even though the next electric truck is what will primarily help us reduce diesel consumption, we are already seeing big wins from our collaboration with Volvo Trucks. Mainly organizational with training and crisis management but also the construction of charging infrastructure. Everything helps us to take a step closer to an electrified and climate-friendly mine,” says Dennis Forslund, project manager, Boliden.


  • The electric truck will transport drill steel and other equipment within the Kankberg mine
  • The electric truck is supplied by Volvo Trucks' dealer Wist Last & Buss in Skellefteå
  • The truck model is Volvo FH Electric, 6X4
  • Number of batteries: 6
  • Total weight: 30 tons
  • Maximum load weight: about 13 tons


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