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Boliden and Skanska wins work environment award

Together with Skanska, we have won Håll Nollans work environment award. The winning project is the reclamation project at the closed Långdal mine, where we have demolished our dam. This is a project where focus on the work environment have been in the forefront.

The demolition can be describes as a high risk project, both in terms of environment and work environment. This is because the work has been carried out directly adjacent to the Skellefte river, and at times in flowing water.


“We went through risks regarding environment and work environment during the design phase. We didn’t feel content with several big and complex risks, so we hired an external moderator and went through the risk profile again from new angles. In procurement, these parts were weighted more than the cost. We were also on site during the entire project, and we’re able to create engagement with all who were involved in order to keep focus on safety until the project ended.” Says Lars Andersson, project leader.



Read more about the project here


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