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Europe’s first Autonomous Hauling System

We are now taking another step towards sustainable mining.

Transports in the Aitik mine are handled today by about 30 mining trucks. As the size of the mine increases, there will be longer distances to drive for these trucks. How do we solve the challenge? We look at new technology, digitization and automation.
Boliden is now investing in automating 11 Komatsu trucks in Boliden Aitik. This will make Aitik Europe's first open pit mine with a system of this kind. In addition to automation of the trucks, the investment includes a new control room, training for employees, new routines and the opportunity for new work tasks. It is an initiative that will strengthen our competitiveness and increase safety by moving people from dangerous and noisy areas. In the long run, this can make Boliden Aitik a more attractive employer.


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