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Centenarian of special cultural and historic value

The q-listed steps in the Kullen area, the site of the country hotel and Boliden mine manager’s residence, are currently being renovated. The flights of steps were built during the 1920s and renovated on various occasions, but now they’re getting a proper face lift.


“The steps were carefully renovated using the same techniques and materials as before, and the slate treads have been reused,” says Thomas Wikman, Facility Manager HR & Safety, Boliden Mines, and responsible for Boliden’s properties in Boliden.

Valuable buildings and areas can be protected using three different designations. A lower-case q means the building is particularly valuable in terms of cultural history and may not be altered. This can e.g. mean a preservation order or that the existing design and details must be retained. This allows the buildings to speak to us and help us understand how society has developed, and describe the living conditions and views people had at different times.

The steps were part of the new mining community in Boliden that began to emerge in 1926. The mine manager’s residence, country hotel and adjacent white-collar accommodation were erected when gold fever broke out following the discovery of valuable gold ore in exploration drilling at Fågelmyran on December 10, 1924. The unique city plan resembled a fan. The country hotel was used to accommodate the mining company’s traveling guests and officials, conferences, fine business dinners and other meals. It has more or less the same focus today. The public and other businesses are also welcome to book the hotel subject to availability.


“The entire area is now q-listed and managed by the Kullen in Boliden community association. Boliden owns 80 of the 100 shares in the association, the remaining 20 shares being held by other property owners,” says Thomas Wikman, who is also the association’s chairman. “The work on the q-listed steps in Boliden was carried out by two highly skilled men from Contractor,” Thomas declares.


It will soon be 100 years since gold was discovered in Fågelmyran in 1924, marking the start of Boliden’s history. An entire century of providing the world with the minerals and metals it needs. What a legacy! When we celebrate turning 100, we will honor the legacy from all of the operations that make up today’s Boliden. We have begun efforts to capture stories from the past.


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