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Boliden Harjavalta

One of the most efficient copper and nickel producers in the world

Boliden Harjavalta is located in south west Finland, close to the port on the Baltic Sea. The smelter’s main products are copper, nickel, gold and silver, as well as by-products such as sulphuric acid.

Boliden Harjavalta is unique – our smelter is the only nickel smelter in Western Europe. At the smelter, nickel matte is produced in one single step thanks to the best and latest technology. Harjavalta also has among the lowest sulphur dioxide emissions per produced tonne of nickel compared to other nickel smelters around the world.

The raw materials consist of concentrates and recycled metals. Boliden's mine at Kevitsa provides the smelter with concentrates. Concentrates are also purchased from external mines.

Harjavalta in figures

  • Established: 1936
  • Acquired: 2004
  • Operating profit: SEK 1,093 m (2023)
  • Average number of employees: 559 (2023)



Boliden Harjavalta Production 2023

  • Copper: 129 ktonnes
  • Nickel: 34 ktonnes
  • Sulphuric acid: 646 ktonnes
  • Silver: 22 tonnes
  • Gold: 9 tonnes

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Boliden Harjavalta

Teollisuuskatu 1, FIN-29200 Harjavalta

Adress Pori

Copper Refinery Pori

Kuparitie 5, FIN-28330 Pori

A smelter with a long tradition

Boliden Harjavalta goes back a long way in Finnish industrial history. It began operations in Eastern Finland back in 1936. In 1944, during the Second World War, the business and per-sonnel were moved to Harjavalta and the first copper casting was made only six months later in 1945. The copper refinery started operation in Pori in 1941.

An entirely new, revolutionary energy-efficient flash smelting method for copper concentrates was developed in Harjavalta and introduced in 1949. The flash smelting method has been un-der continuous development over the years, and is today the most widely used smelting method for copper concentrates in the world. Ten years later, the smelter in Harjavalta was also the first in the world to begin flash smelting nickel concentrates.


Boliden Head Office

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