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Shaping the Future at Boliden Rönnskär

Mention Boliden Rönnskär, and many might envision a singular entity – a hulking smelter extracting metals. In reality, the picture is far more complex. Rönnskär is not just one facility, but a complex web of specialized plants, each with its own dedicated function and area of expertise.

Among those shaping the future at Rönnskär is Caroline Lejonklo, a development engineer. Her work encompasses a broad spectrum, from providing day-to-day operational support to spearheading research and development projects that stretch into the long term. 
Caroline's fascination with steel and metal began to take root during her high school years. So, when the time came to pursue an engineering degree after completing her natural sciences program in Kalix, chemical engineering at Uppsala University emerged as the natural choice. The university's deeply ingrained scientific tradition was an undeniable lure. 
"I've always been fascinated by research and development," says Caroline, whose role within the process development department at Rönnskär finds her stationed at the facility dedicated to sampling. 

A Sprawling Operation Breeds Opportunities for Many Skills

Following graduation, Caroline spent four years as a technical project manager at Scania in Södertälje. However, both she and her partner, who hails from the Skellefteå region, harbored a desire to move north. The position at Boliden Rönnskär presented a perfect confluence of geographic and professional alignment. 
"The sheer size of the operation is a significant advantage," explains Caroline. "The breadth it offers allows not only for personal development and further education, but also for the opportunity to truly delve deep into a specific area of expertise." She herself is looking forward to specializing in material sampling at the facility where she works, to ultimately become an even greater expert in this crucial field. 

The role of a development engineer at Rönnskär is multifaceted. It involves both hands-on work within the facility, analyzing incoming materials and determining the most effective sampling methods, as well as long-term research and development endeavors. This blend of breadth and depth is precisely what resonates with Caroline. 
"What truly excites me about this job is the sheer variety of tasks involved," she enthuses. "Sampling encompasses not only providing practical support in daily operations, but also participating in long-term project development. Witnessing the installation and evaluation of new equipment is a fascinating aspect. Of course, implementing new research findings necessitates establishing a network with others in the industry. This requires a keen understanding of the field and the ability to build strong connections, which can certainly be a challenge when you're relatively new to the role." 

A Passion for Research is a Valuable Asset

New to the role or not, Caroline has already accomplished a considerable amount since joining Boliden a year ago. This includes a return visit to Uppsala University to deliver lectures. She notes that the prospective engineering students she met displayed a high level of interest and knowledge about the diverse opportunities within the materials industry. So, what advice does she have for those curious about Boliden Rönnskär as a potential workplace?

"Having a strong interest in research and development is definitely an asset in my role," she advises.


"Additionally, a high degree of independence is crucial – I collaborate closely with the facility staff, but as the sole development engineer, I need to be able to work autonomously. Don't be afraid to experiment and embrace the exploration of different solutions."

However, Caroline is keen to emphasize the vast array of roles available at Rönnskär. "While many might perceive Rönnskär as a singular smelter, for those of us who work here, it's a far more intricate network of specialized facilities. The level of complexity here is truly remarkable, offering a wide range of opportunities for individuals with diverse skillsets. It's been incredible to witness the tremendous breadth of expertise here: it bodes well for the present and future of Rönnskär."


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