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Geologists, Mining Engineers, Mechanics, Electricians, Chemists and Project Managers are just a few examples of the almost 400 professional roles that are represented at Boliden. Whatever the role or operation, our shared values on sustainable metal production characterize everything we do. We currently have around 6 000 people working with us. Our company is under constant development and often seeks new employees. Are you next?

You are unassuming and enjoy communicating and collaborating
You enjoy working in a major, growing company
You value quality and safety at every level

Meet Boliden


Boliden - a Career Company 2021

The jury has reached a verdict and the Career Companies for 2021 are now crowned! The list of Sweden's most attractive employers was released on 15 November and Boliden is one of the companies that has received the award. Boliden was named as a Career Company for the fourth year in a row, and is the industrial company in Sweden that has received the award in the longest unbroken series since the award began to be presented in 2011.

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New Boliden Way - how we work

At Boliden, we work according to our business philosophy, New Boliden Way (NBW). The basic concept is simple. Together, we must focus on continuous improvements and stable processes to maintain our competitive edge. It starts with our common values and ways of working. NBW shows what we ought to expect from each other as co-workers and leaders.

Working at Boliden

Do you know what a miner, geologist or an environmental engineer do at Boliden? You can meet some of our employees here and read what they have to say about working with us.
Geophysicists, Database Technicians, Field Technicians, Geologists, Project Managers, Survey Technician
Working in an expanding business such as Boliden, is both challenging and interesting. As a mine geologist I work close to the production unit and our geological interpretations are used as a tool in the further mine planning. "
Lena Lilja, Mining Geologist
Mining Engineers, Miners, Mechanics, Machine Operators, Service Technichians, Electricians, Maintenance Engineers, Environmental Coordinators, Automation Engineers
Boliden is like a candy store for creative engineers – there are loads of interesting jobs to choose from, and if you're the creative type there's usually an opportunity to work with them. "
Anton Lundkvist, Environmental Engineer, The Boliden Area
Development Engineers, Process Operators, Electricians, Project Managers, Drivers, Chemists, Laboratory Assistants, Navigators, Process Developers
The best things about working here are the personal development and earning the trust to take on major challenges, and that Boliden's and our contractors' expertise can all be found in one place. Best of all are the positive, problem-solving atmosphere within the project group and meeting all the different people from inside and outside the company. "
Therese Hedström, Project Manager Rönnskär
Sales & marketing
Purchasers, Sales Managers, Communicators, Administrators, Coordinators
Business support
Economists, Controllers, Project Managers, HR Developers, Lawyers, Administrators, IT Technicians, Network Technicians
At Boliden Kokkola I have the opportunity to work locally but in a global business environment. "
Petra Maunula, HR Developer


Society needs metals and we need you. Our success is based on our employees' ability to solve complex problems and their eagerness to work toward constant improvements. By working closely with students, student unions and universities in the countries we operate in, we attract tomorrow's problem solvers and talents who can help us develop as a company.

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