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The Swedish Energy Agency supports a fossil-free Rävliden

The Swedish Energy Agency has decided to provide financial support of SEK 67 million for expansion of the Rävliden deposit at the Kristineberg mine. This means that we will be able to set a new standard for how small and medium-sized underground mines can be built.


One key focus is to electrify heavy machinery for loading and transport. This machinery accounts for about 80% of a mine’s carbon dioxide emissions.

But what does 80% of a mine’s emissions actually mean? Well, in Rävliden’s case about 1.8 million liters of diesel. Every year. In addition, there will be an indirect reduction in the tankers that will no longer need to deliver diesel to the Kristineberg mine.

“This is a really big step for us in the Boliden Area, and our focus will be on what has the most impact. But it’s important to remember that we won’t become fossil-free overnight. We will be working to gradually eliminate emissions,” says Peter Bergman, General Manager for the Boliden Area.

Mining and construction machinery will also be electrified. In practice, this will involve electric vehicles and mobile machinery, charging infrastructure and an electric trolley track.

Improved work environment

The investment in fossil-free operations will not only benefit our climate. It will also improve the work environment for employees. That’s because exposure to noise, vibrations and exhaust gas emissions will be reduced.

Support from the Swedish Energy Agency corresponds to approximately 40% of the additional cost involved in electrification.

“Now there’s just the environmental permit, and we expect to get that in early 2022,” concludes Peter. 


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