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Expanding world´s most climate effective zinc production

We are now expanding the world´s most climate effective zinc smelter in Odda, southern Norway. A historic investment both for Boliden and Norway.  

The expansion enables Odda to almost double the zinc production and at the same time reducing the carbon dioxide intensity by 15 percent from already a world leading position. Most of the facilities will be expanded and alongside we will modernize our processes, increasing digitization and automation. Also, our unique solution for waste handling will be expanded.

Odda is located by Sørfjorden in Hardanger. The expansion project is planned to run between 2021-2024. After completion we make use of new technology and thereby increasing the productivity in Odda. And we will be able to provide much more zinc to be used in buildings, infrastructure and the automotive industry in the most climate effective and sustainable way possible. 

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