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Boliden Kokkola - World class metals producer


Case: Modernized anode cleaning station

The anode cleaning station handles and cleans the anodes fully automatically, utilizing digitalization, robotization and machine vision.


Case: Lifting of a new Direct Leaching reactor

When you lift a 64 tons reactor through the plant roof, place it in on the frame with millimeter accuracy and above all, do it in the middle of the night, you could say it is a top performance.

This was done with our new Direct Leaching Reactor at the end of April and now they are finishing the installation. New reactor will be ready and part of our top-class zinc process in no time.

We are constantly developing our plant through investments and the next Direct Leaching Reactor will be replaced in autumn 2020.


Case: 10 million tons of zinc

In mid-September 2019, we reached another milestone when the tenth millionth ton of zinc in its history was cast at the plant!

The figure is incomprehensibly large. That means we have produced an average of 200,000 tons of zinc a year. For that part, we have been saving the natural resources of our common world with that amount of zinc, as multiple amounts of steel have had a longer lifespan thanks to zinc. Our work really matters and we have every reason to be proud of it. We can confidently continue our work as one of the best zinc producers in the world.


Case: Development of Warehouse Automation

A smoothly working supply chain, and the development of every link of it, are vital for the operations of the company. The availability of spare parts, to name an example, is essential through a product's journey from production to customer. We have just completed a total reform of our Central warehouse, with our warehouse staff and our experts in key roles.

Work methods at the central warehouse were changed, new mobile and automation technologies were introduced, and the logistics of goods flows were improved. The changes are reflected in the improved functionality and safety, and in employee satisfaction.

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