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Forerunners in the industry

Kokkola zinc plant has decades of experience in zinc production. Thanks to our solid know-how, we are able to develop among the forerunners in the industry.

Boliden Kokkola is a forerunner in industrial automation and digitalisation

Digitalisation and automation have been hot topics in businesses around the world for many years now. Boliden Kokkola, one of the world’s biggest zinc smelters, is no exception. For a long time, digitalising and automating processes has been at the heart of Boliden Kokkola’s – and the whole Boliden Group’s – strategy.

“Our goal is to both increase efficiency and, most importantly, improve safety. When all routine and risky tasks are automated, people have more time to focus on safe tasks that require human skills”, says Antti Kontiainen, General Manager.

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From processing metals to recycling batteries - Aalto University and Boliden work together to strengthen top expertise in metallurgy

Competence in metallurgy is needed more than ever as the energy transition increases the demand for metals. In addition, as natural resources become scarce, the reuse of materials requires new competence. Collaboration between Aalto and Boliden extends from teaching to primary research and applied research. These focus on the continuous development of processes in the metal industry company.

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