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The building blocks of modern society

Base metals such as copper and zinc are fundamental building blocks in our modern society. Boliden is one of the world's premier zinc producers and the leader in Europe when it comes to the production of copper and nickel. We are also one of the leading global operators in the recycling of electronics and lead from batteries. The majority of our metals are sold to industrial customers. Zinc is used mainly to protect steel structures against corrosion in a process known as galvanizing, while the bulk of our copper is purchased by wire rod and copper rod manufacturers. The construction, electronics and automotive industries are among the main end-users of our metals. The lead we produce is used mainly by battery manufacturers. 

Boliden does not sell its products directly to private consumers.

Base metals

  • The base metals we produce are zinc, copper, lead and nickel – four products that are very important for infrastructure and the construction and automotive industries.

Precious metals

  • We produce gold and silver, which are two of the most common precious metals. In addition to the jewellery industry and the financial sector, gold and silver are used mainly in electronics manufacturing.

Concentrates & other products

  • Metal concentrates, i.e. enriched ore, are our mines' end products, which for the most part go to our own smelters. In addition to finished metals, our smelters also produce other products such as sulphuric acid used in the manufacture of paper.


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