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Collaboration with emergency services at Bergsöe

On January 18, emergency services in Landskrona held a series of exercises at the Bergsöe facility in Landskrona. These types of exercises are carried out by emergency services every three years at so-called SEVESO sites.

SEVESO is a designation for operations that handle or store chemicals and that are therefore covered by Sweden’s SEVESO Act.


The scenario to be rehearsed is a burning truck in one of Bergsöe’s warehouses, with the exercise focusing on an emergency response with increased risk (e.g. industry or larger premises) involving several groups. The participation of the emergency services will involve, among other things, an attack group and a safety group, with Bergsöe offering assistance as required.

“Our collaboration with emergency services is extremely important for our operations, as it enables us to challenge our ways of working, constantly learn new things and improve, and to develop Boliden through continuous improvements,” says Linda Hallberg, Communications Officer at Bergsöe.


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