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Bcause 2020 donations

Boliden’s charity fund Bcause is based on monthly voluntary contributions from Boliden’s employees. The fund makes it possible for employees and the company together to contribute to a better world.

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The majority of the Boliden Bcause 2020 donation will go to the non-profit organization Ocean Cleanup, which uses new technology to rid the Pacific Ocean of plastic waste.

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The first full-scale cleanup system, System 002, aka Jenny, is currently being prepared for launch (August 2021) and the first test deployment of System 002 is currently being undertaken in The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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Do you want to know where your plastic ends up in the Ocean? Explore the Plastic Tracker.

Also Plan International Finland and their program “My body, my future” in Uganda received earlier this year share of the 2020 donation from Boliden’s charitable foundation Bcause.



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