Towards a sustainable development

Boliden is committed to long-term sustainable development and strives to be the first sustainable link in the value chain of our metals.

Social responsibility

We deliver customer benefits and work in a goal-orientated way to offer our employees a safe and stimulating work environment. Sensitivity towards and responsible behaviour in our dealings with our stake-holders help to maintain our good reputation as a metals company.

Our social responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Our environmental responsibility entails continuous work to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Our ambition is to go beyond legislative and regulatory requirements. Systematic and far-sighted environmental work facilitates faster compliance with future legislation and with the expectations of our different stakeholder groups.

Our environmental responsibility

Economic responsibility

Boliden's operations impact and affect many people, sometimes whole communities. Boliden's ambition is to take extensive responsibility and enhance the contribution we make to a positive economic and social development in the community.

Our economic responsibility

Zinc deficiency is the most common form of malnutrition among young children. Boliden supports Zinc Saves Kids.