Exploration involves identifying, prioritising and investigating areas in order to locate mineral deposits. Mineral reserves and mineral resources are the basis of a mining company's operations. Boliden's exploration focuses on ores that contain zinc, copper and precious metals.

Exploration can be divided into field exploration, which involves searching new areas, mine-site exploration in the vicinity of already operational mines, and acquisition of exploration projects from other companies.

Boliden's strategy in recent years has been to prioritise minesite exploration, principally because it has been very successful, but also because the lead time from deposit identification to production is shorter and the geological conditions are favourable. Mine-site exploration is being conducted in all of Boliden's mining areas.

The scale of field exploration involves securing the company's long-term survival with the help of completely new ore deposits. Boliden carries out field exploration in Sweden, Ireland and Finland using its own resources, and via partnerships in Finland and on Greenland.

Exploration is associated with uncertainties, not least due to the time factor. Between five and ten years may often pass between the initial investigations and a decision being taken to open a mine. Maintaining a good dialogue and close cooperation with local residents, land owners and other stakeholders is of great importance, not least in order to ensure a good basis for the subsequent opening of a mine.

From exploration to mine

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Where we explore

Where we explore