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Launching metals with low climate impact

As the first company in the world, Boliden now offer two separate copper products, produced with drastically lower carbon footprint than the global average. One product, Low-Carbon Copper, is produced from concentrate from Boliden’s own copper mines. The other product, Recycled Copper, has the same emission standards as Low-Carbon Copper, but is produced from secondary raw material such as used electronics and other applications.

Does it matter where your base metals come from?

Copper plays a crucial role in the green transition. Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, and the electrification of vehicles, will require large amounts of copper.

Copper mining and smelting activities are known to generate significant amounts of CO₂ emissions. However, Boliden has a favorable integration of own mines and smelters, located in the north of Sweden.

This enables us to produce a copper with drastically lower carbon footprint than the global average.

This is one of our initiatives to contribute to our vision - to be the most climate friendly and respected metal provider in the world.

Boliden Low-carbon and Recycled Copper offering

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Martin Eriksson
Manager - Sales Copper
+46 (0) 8 610 1570

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